Auto Drop For Lower Anti-Kickback Fingers

Every new and remanfactured Diehl Rip Saw is equipped with lower kickback fingers mounted in the table. When the stock is slid over the lower fingers they pivot forward making feeding easier and more accurate. The fingers are held down until the trailing edge of the stock passes. The fingers then return to their upright position.

To momentarily drop the lower kickback fingers for lateral positioning and feeding of stock, the operator can touch the leading edge of the stock against any of the lower kickback fingers to initiate the drop sequence. This is the single sensor option. A second sensor can be added, the dual sensor option that operates by sliding the stock over the sensor opening in the table causing the fingers to drop. Once the stock is fed under the pressure beam rolls, the fingers not being held down by the stock will automatically raise to their upright position.The fingers being held down by the stock will return to their upright position as the trailing edge of the stock passes accross them.

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