Rip Saw Standard Safety Features

Every Diehl Rip Saw is equipped with both upper and lower anti-kickback fingers. The lower fingers are mounted in the table and the upper claw type fingers are mounted from the pressure beam. The upper fingers height off the chain is controlled by a captive cam, and maintains the 1/32″ clearance through the full range of stock thickness.

The anti-kickback protection provided on every Diehl Rip Saw is shown in the above photos. The comprehensive guarding devices are shown from both the infeed and out feed perspective.

All Diehl Rip Saws are equipped with a normally closed spring loaded drum type brake – photo at right, held open pneumatically during operation. The brake stops the arbor in under five seconds when the stop button is actuated, when the saw pit door is opened (photo at left) or loss of air pressure or power.

An outfeed pressure beam chain guard is provided standard. A pivoting type pressure beam side guard is provided standard.

Every Diehl Rip Saw includes a detailed rip saw instruction manual and detailed operator manual, covering safe operation, maintenance, installation, trouble shooting guides and parts breakdown drawings.

All these safety devices are available for existing Diehl Rip Saws. Contact our Service Department  for additional information.