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Rip Saw Lubrication

Moulder Lubrication

Splicer Lubrication


Rip Saw Maintenance

Moulder Maintenance

Splicer Maintenance


Moulder Feed Problems

Caused by Machine

Caused by Machine Setup

Caused by Material

Caused by Tooling

Moulder Finish Problems

Glazing, Burning, Skipping, Parallel Lines, Chatter, Taper, Fuzzy Grain, Corrugated Grain, Layered Grain, Chip Marks, Tear-out

Snipe Problems on a Thru Feed Moulder

Bottom Snipes

Top Snipes

Left Side Snipes

Right Side Snipes

Straight Line Rip Saws

Erratic Cuts

No Glue Joint

Edges Not Square


Veneer Splicers



Burning, Burnishing, Crimping

Marking of Stock, Grooving Along the Glue Line, Incomplete Glue Joint

Poor Jointing, Excessive Glue Spread, Crimping

Blue Staining

Used Rip Saw Purchasing Guide

What you need to look for when purchasing a previously owned rip saw.