What is a Glue Line Cut?

While our rip saws can be used in many applications, George Diehl’s original purpose in developing his design of the straight line rip saw was to create a superior quality cut on the edge of lumber, and eliminate the need for a lumber jointing operation. In certain applications, this quality of cut represents an edge that is not only straight, but also free from any visible detection of saw marks…and that quality of cut is what Diehl defines as a “glue line cut”. The phrase “glue line cut” has been used for many years to determine a saw cut, high quality lumber edge surface that is prepared for the purpose of edge clamping lumber together. Describing a glue line cut is always a subjective process, that’s why Diehl prefers to use a lumber sample to define the quality of cut that describes its definition. If you want a sample to gage the performance of your saw, or the saw you intend to purchase, contact us.