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Erratic Cuts

Erratic Cuts


Probable Cause

How to Correct

Material is cut in an irregular manner.
Stock “snakes”
through the machine.
Material is not held tightly. Check the pressure bar height. Set the yield
to 1/8″.
Check the pressure rolls for play. Repair or replace.
Check the tops of the feed chain for wear. There should
be less than .040″ flat on top of Pyramid.
Check the pressure bar for level. The pressure bar should
be parallel to the feed chains.
Material is being pushed. Check for slivers in the machine. Clean
the machine.
Check all pressure rolls for turning. Repair or replace.
Feed chains are not tracking correctly. Check for slivers in or under the feed chains.
Clean the machine.
Check the feed chains side to side for flat. Replace
the feed chains and race.
Check for wear or alignment of the front cams of the
chain race. Replace the feed chains and race.
Check the drive cam for wear or alignment. No more than
a 1/16″
gap should be between the link and cam tooth. Align or replace.
Check the feed chain length. The chains should hang
the same under the machine. Replace the feed chains and race.
Rough cut on stock. Saw blades not running true. Check blade for high teeth. Changing the
saw blade should change the cut.
Check for dirt between the saw collars. Clean the saw
collars and the saw blade.
Check for nicks in the saw collars. Repair or replace.
Check the inner saw collar with a dial indicator, a
. 003″
maximum run out is recommended. Repair or replace the collar and bearings.
Check the outer saw collar for dish. There should be
dish in the center of the collar.
Saw blade moving or being deflected. Check for slivers or pitch build up around
the saw blade. Clean the machine.
Check the kerf of the saw blade. A 3/16″ kerf is
recommended. Thinner blades can be deflected by the material.
Check for end play on the inner saw collar. The inner
saw collar should not move in or out more than .001″. Replace
arbor bearings.
Check the saw lead. Both sides of the material should
only show saw marks from the leading side of the blade (no heal marks).
Adjust the saw lead.


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