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Diehl Machines offers immediate availability of service parts for the most commonly used items, and also maintains a large inventory of older, remanufactured items for machines as far back as 1930. In some instances, the original component is no longer available, but in virtually all of those situations a replacement component is offered to remedy the problem. Due to our continuing efforts to improve the quality of our equipment, certain original items can no longer be offered in the interest of safety. All of the remanufactured components offered by Diehl Machines are guaranteed to work, and because Diehl has all of its original manufacturing records, we guarantee the part to fit. This eliminates any concern that the user won’t get the correct part or that he’s stuck with a bill for a part that doesn’t remedy the problem. The listing below will give you an idea of some of the older remanufactured components that are available for each model of machine.

Figure No 3.

Original/Remanufactured Components Availability
For Selected Models of Diehl Rip Saws

55 75 33 750 SL50 SL52 SL55
Feed Drive Reducer Units P P N/A P P P ON
Feed Control – Four-Speed Drum Switches P P N/A P N/A N/A N/A
Spring Loaded Outfeed Tables P P P P P P P
Stock Guides & Mounting Rails P P N/A P P P ON
Feed Drive Motors – 4 Speed, 3HP P P N/A P P P P
Spindle Drive Motors – 10, 15 & 20HP P P P P P P P
Madison-Kipp brand Lubricator Units N/A N/A ON P P P P
Gravity Type Feed Oil Reservoirs w/ Sight P P P P N/A N/A N/A
Variable Speed Pulley – Drive Units N/A N/A N/A N/A P P N/A
Worktable P P ON P P P P
Pressure Bar Housings & Complete Assemblies ON ON ON P P P P
Spindle Assemblies w/ New Spindle/Bearings P P ON P P P P

P = Available
N/A = Not Applicable or Not Available
ON = Only New Component is Available


We can easily be reached by phone or fax:

Telephone: 260.563.2102
Main Fax: 260.563.0206

If you prefer to send us an email, please check our contact page to easily get in touch with whoever you need!

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