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Wise Guide – Automatic Stock Guide Positioning System

What is the “Wise Guide” system?

All Diehl rip saws can be equipped with the optional “Wise Guide” which is a servo controlled system that precisely and automatically positions the saw’s stock guide.
The “Wise Guide” system replaces the standard stock guide. The standard stock guide is mounted on a ground rail that is manually positioned by the operator to the specific rip width using a pointer and scale for measurement. Once in position, the stock guide is locked into position by the operator.
On machines equipped with the “Wise Guide”, a color touch screen OIT (operator interface) is located in the operator position. All cycle selection and programming is performed by the operator on the OIT. A rod bearing type rail guides the stock guide when it is automatically positioned by a servo motor and screw. A foot switch and an infra red sensor, mounted in the stock guide, are also provided and are used when ripping random width stock.
There are two options required with the “Wise Guide” system. A laser light is required to indicate the path of the blade on the board prior to feeding it into the saw. The optional dual sensor automatic raising and lowering of the lower kickback fingers is also required.

What does the basic “Wise Guide” system do?

The basic “Wise Guide” system allows you to:
•Edge stock with or without the stock guide.
•Tally either the lineal footage of boards ripped or  number of pieces ripped.
•Tally the width of random stock ripped.
•Select from one to eight different dimension widths  from the color touch screen OIT, to automatically  position the stock guide.
•Produce panels to the exact width required.
Printable basic “Wise Guide” information PDF

How does the basic “Wise Guide” work?

The operator begins by selecting the operation mode from the main screen on the OIT. On the basic system, there are four different modes of operation available: a home button; saw arbor and feed start and stop buttons; and a calibration screen for calibrating the stock guide to the cut line.


The PRESET INCH mode allows the operator to program eight different widths and display those positions on the OIT. By selecting one of the pro-grammed widths, the stock guide will automatically move to the selected position. When boards are processed, the “Wise Guide” can tally either the linear footage or number of pieces produced at each specific width. The running tally of the each programmed width produced is displayed on the OIT. This eliminates over or undercutting certain widths when producing dimension stock.


The SINGLE MOVE mode allows the operator to program a single dimension width. This mode is used when ripping only one width board and tallying the production is not required. The operator enters the required width on the keypad, and by touching the move button, the stock guide will automatically locate to the new position and lock. The current position of the stock guide is also displayed on the screen.


The PANEL LAYUP mode allows the operator to layup or produce an exact size panel. The operator programs the minimum and maximum width board to be used
in the buildup of a panel, programs the exact width of the panel being produced and programs the total number of panels required. The panel screen displays the width of the panel required, and as random width boards are ripped, the width of each board ripped is subtracted from the beginning required panel width. This is repeated until the descending value of the required panel width is less than the maximum size piece allowed, then the LAST PIECE MOVE button on the screen is highlighted. When the highlighted LAST PIECE MOVE button is touched, the stock guide automatically moves to the exact width required to complete the panel. When the last piece is ripped to complete a panel, the screen resets to the next panel and the process is repeated until all the panels are completed.


The RANDOM PANEL LAYUP mode allows the operator to rip random width stock and tally the amount of random produced for producing panels in volume. The
operator programs the minimum and maximum width board to be used in the buildup of a panel, programs the exact width of the panel being produced and
programs the total number of panels required. The random panel screen displays the total inches of random width stock required and displays the actual amount of random stock produced. When the required random amount equals the actual amount of random produced, the buttons are highlighted in red, indicating to the operator that the job is complete.


An optional yield optimization package can be added to the basic “Wise Guide” system. Like the PRESET INCH mode, up to eight different widths can be programmed and displayed on the OIT. With this option, the board width is measured and the best ripping order, from the programmed widths, is automatically determined by the “Wise Guide” system. The stock guide then automatic-ally moves the required positions as the board is processed. The board actual yield is also displayed on the OIT.
Printable PDF information sheet.


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