Feed drive assembly

Up to 1960, Diehl saws used a worm gear reducer, manufactured by Diehl that was integrally coupled to a four-speed motor. The worm gear in this reducer on all machines built before 1946 rotates in babbit bearings, (the worm rotates in ball bearings) so check the reducer’s output shaft and then be certain that the backlash in this gear train is not excessive. Check the gear train backlash by removing the outboard motor cover and rotate the stator or the drive chain sprocket back and forth to a total of 180 degrees. If the backlash exceeds 25 degrees of movement, the gears will probably have a short life span. Beginning with late model 75’s, ball bearings replaced the babbit, but both designs of reducers and four-speed motors are readily available from Diehl in a remanufactured condition, as are the drum switches that control the four rates of speed.