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Used Rip Saw Purchasing Guide

If you’re planning to purchase a used Diehl Rip Saw from any of the many sources available on the used machinery market, there are several important points to carefully examine on the machine before you make the purchase.

But before we clarify those points:
• Call us before you buy the machine. This could save you some significant expense.
• Diehl Machines is not in the used or “as is” rip saw business. Beyond new, we only sell remanufactured machines that have current and “like new” standards, so we won’t try to sell you one of our used machines that hasn’t been completely remanufactured and brought up to the levels of safety that are required today.
• Complete information is available about every rip saw and any other machine we’ve built back as far as 1930. The original bill of material, an operator’s manual and other service related information is available for all of those machines through our service department.
•While there is no way for Diehl to determine the specific condition of a saw over the phone, factory technicians are available to examine your equipment and make an accurate assessment of the cost to return any machine to proper working order.

If there is any way Diehl can assist you in evaluating your existing rip saw, or a rip saw you are considering for purchase, please contact us.

As you begin your examination of a potential used machine, we suggest you look at the following issues in this order of importance:


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