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No Glue Joint on a Straight Line Rip Saw

No Glue
Joint on a Straight
Line Rip Saw


Probable Cause

How to Correct

Cuts do not provide a concave cut down the length of
the material.
When setting the cut of the ripsaw, adjust each chain independently.
Use two pieces of material 6″ wide and 4′ to 6′ long for setting
chain race.
Do not lock the stock guide when feeding material into the saw when
checking the adjustment of the chain race.
Edge both pieces on the same chain, and put the cut edges together.
There should be .003″ to .006″ between the two pieces. Less
for RF gluing applications.
Stress in the material. Edge the material after it has been “busted down” to size.
Cut wide material into smaller sizes before edging.
Material not tracking on chains. Check the machine for slivers. Clean the machine.
Check the pressure rolls for play or not turning. Repair or replace.
See erratic cuts section.
Machine is worn. Check the feed chains for wear (side to side and even length). Replace
the feed chains and chain race.
Check the front idle cams. Are the inside edges of the cams touching.
Replace the feed chains and chain race.
Material being deflected. Check sharpness of saw blade. Replace.
Machine misaligned. Check saw blade setting (lead). Adjust arbor.
Check the adjustment of the front idle cams. Adjust front idle cams.


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