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Rip Saw Safety

Remember that like all self-feeding rip saws, the Diehl Machine has potential for kickback of material. Since 1930, this potential hazard has been controlled by a cam-operated, upper anti-kickback finger curtain, and since 1995, a second lower finger barrier in the work table. Be absolutely certain that these systems are intact and operating before you make your first cut on the machine.

Beyond the anti-kickback finger safety system, protection from contact with the rotating saw blade is also very important. Machines built after 1985 were equipped with either electric arbor brakes, electro-mechanical brakes, or manual brakes that stop the spindle within 3 – 5 seconds of power termination.

Both the anti-kickback finger system and the arbor brake should either be operative or integrated into the machine before it is put into service. If there are any questions about the absence of these features on the machine, be certain to contact us before operating the saw. All of these features can be added to any Diehl rip saw by contacting the factory at (260) 563-2102.

See new safety devices on Diehl rip saws.

Check with our Service Department for new safety devices available for existing Diehl Rip Saws.



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