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Troubleshooting Blue Staining on Veneer

 Troubleshooting Blue Staining on Veneer

Metallic stain marks on either side of the
glue line caused by condensation and moisture. More common on high
humidity days. Generally exist in coarse grained oak.
On veneer already stained, the ink can be removed by applying a
10% oxalic solution to the stain.
Moisture content of veneer is too high. Dry veneer to lower moisture content. Store in humidity
controlled area.
Glue is wet when veneer is spliced. Allow the glue to dry completely before splicing.
Humidity in area is high. Reduce the temperature setting as much as possible and
increase the feed rate.
Install a compressed air jet blowing on each pressure
chain in the pressure bar.
Install a hot air gun in the center hole in top of the
pressure bar.
Install chrome plated chains.


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