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The Diehl 5000 Series of Thru Feed Moulders

The Diehl 5000 Series of Thru Feed Moulders are designed to be the most versatile, accurate & durable moulders in the industry.

Standard Features

  • Heavy cast iron module design construction for unlimited number of spindles and locations.
  • Internal dust manifold requires only one external connection point.
  • Diehl “quick set” top holddown shoe.
  • Hardened beds and guides.
  • Complete fiberglass sound enclosure with internal lighting.
  • Full width lower drive table rollers.
  • Digital readouts on all spindle adjusting screws.
  • Fully accessible front mounted controls and convenient adjustments significantly reduce setup times.
  • Many commercially available common components are designed into the moulder.
  • Large diameter cutterhead swings.
  • Centralized machine lubrication system.
  • Ultra high precision spindles.

Options and Specifications

  • Tilting feed system.
  • Tilting right spindle.
  • Grooved bed guide system.
  • Pneumatic chipbreakers.
  • Damp lumber feed package.
  • Additional lower and upper powered feedrolls.
  • Production monitoring system.
  • Hydraulic feed drive.
  • 6″ minimum cutting circle.
  • Adjustable outfeed table.
  • Automatic cutterhead jointers.
  • Split top holddown shoe.
  • Stellite hardened beds & guides.
  • Chrome plated beds & guides.
  • Horizontal spindle outboard bearings.
  • Pneumatic holdover rolls.
  • Pneumatically controlled enclosure door.
  • Extended infeed table.
  • Electronic spindle brakes.
  • Material Handling.
  • Electronic digital readouts.
  • Magazine infeed loading hopper.
  • Hydraulic feed (up to 350 fpm) with larger feedrolls.
  • Jointer stone setup stand.
  • Sawing and splitting module.

D5000 Specifications

Bottom spindle HP
15 HP Standard, 20-50 HP Optional
Right spindle HP
10 HP Standard, 15-20 HP Optional
Left spindle HP
10 HP Standard, 15-25 HP Optional
Top spindle HP
15 HP Standard, 20-50 HP Optional
Universal spindle HP
10 HP Standard, 15 HP Optional
Working width
Working height
Cutterhead swing (except 1st bottom)
Cutterhead swing (1st bottom)
Minimum cutting circle
Feed System
A.C. Frequency Inverter for up to 200 FPM
Chainless Cardan drive system

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